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Do it Yourself Pest Control Supplies

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Temp Vents

Automatic Temp-Vent is a revolutionary type of foundation ventilator for the crawl space under a home - it opens and closes by itself.

Temp-Vent automatically helps prevent excess dampness under your home. Dampness leads to foundation decay.

Homeowners spend annually $1billion repairing foundation decay. Dampness leads to unhealthy molds which can cause asthma and hay fever. Dampness hinders your termite control program.

  • Temp-Vent will help protect and preserve the wood in your home by controlling dampness
  • Temp-Vent automatically helps prevent pipe freeze-up.
  • Temp-Vent automatically stops wasted fuel ($$) and heat loss due to open manual vents.

Available in Black, Brown, Grey or White

NOTE: Temp-Vent Products are shipped via UPS GROUND only.